Mail adress: Valkstraat 23, 6822KS, Arnhem, The Netherlands

Phone: +316 19198957
How to order:
you can order the instrument through email. The sales price is EURO 4700,- including VAT within the European Union. Outside the EU the price is Euro 3884,- excluding shipping and handling. When you order you will be required to pay an advance of EURO 1500,-

You can order a flightcase (Peli) for a price of Euro 1200,- for a padded case, and Euro 600 for a case with a gigbag.
You can order a bow (Gerhard Landwehr).
We use the Lukas Nano amp system and Lexicon dsp.
Jan Goorissen studied the viola da gamba with Margriet Tindemans and Heiner Spicker. In 1987 he designed the first electric gamba and used it several compositions, operas, performances in art-houses chamber music and improvised music. In 2002 he met Floris van der Voort and they decided to further develop the instrument and launch it on the market. After several models we finally came to produce the present version, that is now made from a relatively soft wood: alder. This wood gives the Ruby Gamba a very "violish" tone and allows it to live in many different musical environments.

The Ruby Gamba is handbuilt. The delivery time with present orders will be approximally ONE year.
Welcome to the provisional homepage of the Ruby Gamba
The Ruby Gamba is the first solid-body electric viol. It was developed by Jan Goorissen, violist, and Floris van der Voort, luthier. Our present model is made with alder wood, hpl, rope steel srings and design electronics. It is used by professional players all over the globe for electro-acoustic music, jazz, gothic, pop, indie, improvised music and early music.
It is meant for those players who are dedicated to take the viol into the 21st century as a viable instrument for the contemporary music culture. Learning to play it involves thorough study, and dedicated practice, which will pay off in the emergence of extensive playing possibilities and endless sonic adventures. The instrument is now manufactured by Kees-Jan Goorissen.
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